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I am responsible for Producing Broadcast News - and I am under constant time pressure to find the most appropriate video content, integrate it quickly into our programming and ensure that I have the necessary usage rights. I need a tool that enables me to find the very best material wherever it is in our archives or external sources quickly and efficiently and without getting hung up in time consuming manual searches.

Integrating ivitec MediaSeeker™ into my workflow enables me to rapidly identify the relevant piece of content, together with associated rights information and other key metadata.

I Manage Media Archives - and I am responsible for enormous archives that include many redundant files, duplicates and different versions of related media that must be identified and linked. I need a tool that will enable me to automate this process, quickly and reliably. I also need to catalog the analog taped media I am in the process of digitizing. Given the volume of work involved, these objectives simply cannot be achieved using manual techniques.

ivitec MediaSeeker™ enables me to rapidly review my archives, link related media, eliminate redundant copies, and allows me to better understand the contents of my archive whilst reducing my running costs.



I am responsible for Introducing new technology into my firm - and I see a general trend in the media industry, that is increasingly availability of content and distribution platforms and a general inability to figure out how to control and ultimately monetize this content. I'd like to find a way to understand where content is being used internally – making sure that metadata and other rights information can be quickly detected – and where content eventually surfaces in the long run. I want to ensure that the system I implement today provides a future-proof platform that is capable of satisfying my long-term requirements.

ivitec's Adaptive Video Fingerprinting™ technology ensures that my content will be identifiable at any point in the future. Further, ivitec's configurable, flexible platform ensures that content fingerprinting-based applications can be integrated at any point in the media asset lifecycle.

I am responsible for Tracking and Monitoring TV Advertisements and need to monitor advertisements for an ever-increasing number of products and brands on hundreds of simultaneously available broadcast channels. Human resource intensive methods are not only error prone but increasingly cost prohibitive. I want to automate my advertisement and broadcast monitoring workflows, to generate more accurate results faster, and to reduce costs whilst increasing revenues.

iPharro AdMon enables me to automate my advertisement monitoring workflows – and to deliver accurate and detailed detection results for ads and broadcast content within minutes of airing.


I am Implementing a digital content management system and I need an effective solution to not only identify and track content but also the associated meta information, including rights, throughout the media lifecycle both internally and externally. With the increasing amount of content that I have to deal with it is becoming increasingly difficult to accomplish this task through either manual resources or through other less flexible, resource intensive solutions like watermarking.

By integrating iPharro's Adaptive Video Fingerprinting™ technology into my content management workflows, content can be organized, versioned, tracked and controlled at any point in the value chain. Moreover, rights and other metadata information associated with content can be quickly checked by comparing against the iPharro fingerprint database.

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