Joachim Dr. -Ing. Joachim Redmer
Chief Sales Officer

As CSO, Joachim Redmer is in charge of the business development and sales at ivitec GmbH. He acquired his Ph. D. in Mechanical Engineering at the RWTH Aachen with his specialization being nonlinear 3-D FEM. Mr. Redmer has more than 25 years of executive experience within the IT sector. Of these 25 years he spent 13 years at IBM. Starting 1997 Mr. Redmer was in charge of leading the Networking Hardware Division of IBM EMEA as General Manager and in 1998 started as General Manager for Central Europe with Silicon Graphics (SGI). In 2001 he became Vice President for Central Europe with BEA Systems. Following his engagement with BEA Systems he was employed as consultant for several venture capitalists and companies, gaining a profound experience working in analyzing, acquiring, restructuring and building companies.

Among others he successfully started Linux Networx in Germany as Operative Consultant. Finally he was in charge of directing the High Performance Computing business line at Bull GmbH.

Mr. Redmer had a long standing relationship with the German Federal Ministry for Research and Technology as consultant and appraiser. Furthermore, he served as board member of several technology companies in the mechanical engineering sector as well as the IT sector.

rene Rene Cavet
Head of Research and Development

A computer scientist by training, Rene Cavet has been the driving force behind the ivitec MediaSeeker technology since the beginning.  Mr. Cavet began developing the underlying technology as a project during his work at the Fraunhofer Organization and since this time he has provided much of the expertise and team guidance to move MediaSeeker into its current commercially viable form.

Mr. Cavet holds a degree in Computer Science from Technical University Clausthal in Germany. Upon graduation, Mr. Cavet joined the Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics (IGD) as a staff member in the Department for Cognitive Computing and Medical Imaging in Darmstadt. He became a valued and essential staff member at Fraunhofer, where he remained for five years we spun out of the organization.

As a result of his solid educational and vocational background, Mr. Cavet is an expert in Content-based Information Retrieval, Media Indexing and Analysis and Programming Technologies.

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